How to make your flowers last longer?

Flower Care 

Preserving the Blooming Beauty: How to Take Care of Your Fresh Flower Bouquet?
Taking care of fresh flowers can be a delightful task, and when done right, you can greatly extend the lifespan of your exquisite flower bouquet. It's all about understanding the basic needs of fresh flowers and providing the right environment. Let's dive into the details!
Hydrate Your Blooms: Immediately upon receiving your fresh flower bouquet from us, ensure that it is submerged in water. Proper hydration is key to keeping cut flowers vibrant. This initial process of 'rehydration' helps the flowers regain their freshness after the delivery process.
Clean Vase and Fresh Water: The vase you choose is just as important as the water that goes into it. Make sure your vase is thoroughly clean to prevent any bacterial growth. Fill it with room-temperature water and if possible, add a sachet of flower food which works wonders in keeping your flowers fresh.
Trim the Stems: A crucial step in flower care is trimming the stems. Cut about an inch off the stem, at an angle, using a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. This allows for better water absorption. Remember to re-trim them every couple of days.
Location Matters: Choose a location away from direct sunlight, heat vents, or drafts. These factors can accelerate the wilting process. Fresh flowers also prefer cooler temperatures, so find a nice cool spot for your floral arrangement.
Regular Maintenance: For optimal flower care, remove any wilted or dead blooms or foliage daily. This helps in preventing the spread of bacteria and encourages the flowers to bloom for a longer time.
Refresh Water Regularly: Changing the water in the vase every 2-3 days helps keep your bouquet looking its best. When doing so, clean the vase to remove potential bacterial buildup.
Avoid Fruit Bowls: Fresh fruits emit a gas called ethylene which accelerates the wilting of flowers. Keep your fresh flower bouquet away from the fruit bowl to help them last longer.
Remember, each type of flower may have its specific needs. If you've received a bouquet from us containing a mix of flower types, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service for any personalized advice on flower care. By following these essential steps, you'll be able to maintain the freshness and beauty of your bouquet for as long as possible. Enjoy the blooming beauty in your space!